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App does not work!

I just purchased this app for my macbook pro and cant do anything on it! I want my money back!!




If you’re reading this PLEASE do not buy this app. Wish I could give it 0 stars! I tried to believe the positive reviews over the negative, well that was a complete fail! This app is so terrible, the positive reviews are totally fake, and not worth $20!! I downloaded this for my macbook pro - constantly crashes, doesn’t open documents, doesn’t delete documents, can’t download them. This app is a SCAM and WASTE of $20.

Crashes every time i use it I want a refund!

This app is a joke. As soon as I downloaded it it crashed 3 times. I want a refund!


This APP is garbage, I just spent $19.99 on this piece of crap and all it does is let you see what you already have on yoiur computer thats microsoft, it also looks like crap.

no good

i really don’t know how to use it… i try to open a pptx but failed…. why it worth 20 dollars???

won’t work on my mac book pro

I bought a new Mac Book Pro last november, I didn’t like their page programs so I decided to find something that I thought I was used to. When I had a regular PC, I had the office microsoft suite, loved using word all the time…..however, I bought this and installed it ($19.99) and all it shows me is tabs on the left. it won’t allow me to create a new document let alone edit one I have saved….what am I missing


This app is a complete waste on money! the same functions given to you can be accessed for free online. thought I was buying Software to be able to work offline. TOTAL WASTE

dont waste your time or money

this app crashes constantly. I cant have it open for longer than 2 minutes without crashing. i know its not my computer because its a brand new pro! very frustrating. i want my money back

Waste of Money

I bought this app because I needed word on my mac, but thought it would be nice to have excel just in case. Ya, no. The home screen confused me, but I’m also not the most computer savvy person out there so that might be why. To even find WORD I had to change it to web mode..which why would I need to be online to create a word document.. and since that one and only time it hasn’t worked. At all. I’m super upset this is the first time I have reviewed anything in my 27 years that is how upset I am that I just totally wasted $20. Now I just downloaded one of the FREE word apps and it works fine.


When the app is working, it is great. Everytime I minimize the window or jump to other apps it seems to shutdown on me. Not sure if it is a connectivity issue or the app itself, but it is about to f=drive me nuts..


I paid $20.00 thinking it was going to be the best. I didn’t sleep trying to finish a work that i needed to turn in the following day when I found out that this app saves the information and when you go to print it does not open. SO Is there a way I can get my money back or have someone help me fix this thing. URGENT

Ceased Working

Initially the app worked great. Shortly there after it would not open anything. When we try, it just sits and spins! Useless application!

It's a big change for office.

I can use this app to built a perfect office, which can make you more professional. It is like not the traditional office, it changed a lot. When you changed the files, can sync documents in OneDrive's Documents folder to local. That's amazing.

This is so powerful.

I have been using this app for few weeks and so far excellent. The apps works flawless and I have been able to access all my folders, documents saved, stored and saved in my OneDrive. I have created numerous spread sheets and documents. I can manage them easily. Well designed app, keep it up.

Don’t Bother

I get nothing when I try to use this app. Waste of money!


After purching this application I tried to download a word document from my e-mail the download was sucessful but trying to update and print has been a nightmare! Everything I’ve read to complete a task has not been successful and whats most frustrating is that I can’t contact the seller. I did read that this application is compatible with OS version 10.11.1 or lower…my Mac laptop is version 10.12.3 so I dont know if this is the issue. I’ll keep trying to figuer it out as i did spent $20.00


The positive reviews of this MUST be fake. This App does NOT work. Please do yourself a favor and to not purchase this. If you are already reading the reviews, then you care about your money, even if its only $20. Do not waste your time or dollars. I was able to set it up, create a “test” document, and have not been able to open it…and that was a week ago. It crashes each and every time I try to use it.



Can not be better.

As an office 365 subscriber, I think this app was always useful. I use it daily andthe OneDrive service in general. This one does exactly what I need. The sync function work pretty well for me, I have used this app for a long time, it is stable, organized and productivity about sync. I think it's the best function from it. whatever you are editing an existing document or create new one, GoDocs keep sync to your hard drive whenever a change deleted. It help I can see activity for a specific document in local drive. There are also a lot of cool original themes for word, excel and power point, you can easily choose one. Overall, this app is good, hope it have more improvement in next update.

A wonderful product

I run it on my mac. I havn't really studied it yet, but find that I can do my daily word processing and spreadsheet work without any problem. It's been very useful and effective. I can easy to create Microsoft office documents in my OneDrive. Solid app that allows me to actually get work done using office programs like word, excel, powerpoint and mail with Outlook. The ease of use and many options and features are great for user experience. This is one of the best apps I have ever purchased. If you don't have it then get it, you will be glad you did! I havn't found another app that works as well and reliably. Very intuitive, I strong recommend it. Great product!

Definitely worth keeping it

I love this app so far! I think this is gonna be very useful in the workplace. I have been using this app for a long time. I have created numerous spread sheets and documents that I could edit and save in my OneDrive. All I can say is, just purchase it and I'm sure you'll be very happy that you did. Highly recommended.

Love this app

I was on the search for an office app that will allow to create word, excel, and powerpoint documents in my OneDrive. It has been an absolute dream! I can't get enough of it. This app is great and very functional. I just open the file and work on it and save it! I appreciate what you all have done this so far.

Excellent and very needed app!

I like the functions it offers. I can create and makes changes to my Microsoft office 365 documents very easy on my OneDrive. This app gets better and better with recent updates. I like the ability to highlight, and make hand written nots with the word documents. It worth the purchase. I recommend to give it a try.

It’s the worst app

This is worst App i have ever seen. I could not open app to create any of the documents, not my network, i have check many times. At first i thought it was my computer network settings, but after repeated inspection, i think this is the reason for the App. In the description, it saild it can create Word, Excel.. and upload files to OneDrive. What ? You are kidding, you said these features, i have no use. I do not know how to do now, so i wrote this comment. I do not know that my comments do not work, but i just want others see. I do not understant why this app has too many good reviews? probably FAKE reviews. I need an explanation, why do you say can not be achieved so result is a waste of my time and money, really disappointed with this APP. I will find another to replace this APP.

doesn’t work


Won’t open

I purchased this app in November and haven’t been able to use it up until yesterday 1/29/17. I haven't been able to open the app to use with a document that I needed to work on for work. It has been spinning in circles trying to process or open. That was literally a waste of $20! I don’t know if it’s because of an update they had or what. I hope they fix this soon because I would like to be able to use what I paid for or somehow refund me my money or something, which I highly doubt.

Wow this app had big help

The app works flawless and I have been able to access all my folders, documents saved, stored in my OneDrive, types and formats and have been able to manage them. I love the way I can create microsoft word, excel and powerpoint documents, and Outlook email. This app helped me a lot throughout my job. I uses this more than I do the others I have downloaded. I think it is amazing, I am enjoying using this app. It's great to be able to access all of my files and allows me to do many things. I really think this is a great app for me. All I can say is, give it a try and I'm sure you'll be happy that you did good work.

That's I wanted.

Wow, I have to say this app is amazing. I have never used efficient and useful APP before. I can not believe there is such a good APP in app store. And now, in my office, all my workmates downloaded and use it, we can use it to save our necessary docs online to work with other apps and devices, so that we can easily share our documents with each other. After used this app, we saved a lot of time on office work. A lot of work is now in order, I needn't worry about that can't find files now. You guys should try it, if you try it, you will love it in deep. And I began to use this mentality, the result is unexpected, but I like the results!

Good office app.

I think the functions of this app is very good and useful for me. I use it, because my friends recommend this one to me. And I have used it on my friends Mac, I think it's works smoothly, and it is suitable in office, so I have download it now.

Yes it's worth it!

I have been using this app for a long time. It makes a world of a difference to have everything readily available at your finger tips. I love using it to work, because I don't need repeat the process of downloading and uploading. I just open the documents and work on my OneDrive and save it.

I like this app.

Great app for office files editing in my OneDrive. I can edit a lot of documents, very convenient, application design is simple. I like it very much. I really enjoy to use this app. I simply upload my files to OneDrive and edit them.It's worth the download.

A magic and easy-to-use app.

I like this function, which browsing free online templates to create beautiful documents. As a perfectionist, doing the work on the document, I always want to be different from others, this APP can fully meet my requirements in this regard.

Documents WONT OPEN

When I create a document on another computer and save it on OneDrive and try to open it on my home computer, it won’t open. Waste of money.

I got ripped off. I want my money back

This app doesn’t really work at all, I tried making word files, tried to work on my resume and it won’t let me type or anything. The resume template is just an image which you can “edit” in preview! After creating a few word documents and resumes that I can’t edit or type into, I tried deleting them and the app can’t even do that. Definitely need to get a refund! Also when you go and try and get support for this app, it takes you to a twitter account that looks like a bot. This app is definitely fraud.

Really a very good app!

I have been using this product for several days and it's truly the best out there for me. I use this app everyday for work mostly. I need to send many excel documents to my boss and I like to create excel in my onedrive. After I use this app, I can save these documents online. I can easily send these files to my supervisor,which is very convenient for my job. I like that I can access my documents in one place. I can easily share my documents with friends and colleagues. Thanks so much to OneDocs, I love this app. I have had no real problems with this app.

Must have for me.

This one is so important for me. And now I use it to my main tool to do my works. I can easily do my office work with my colleagues. And this one make us don't need to ask others where is changed. You can easily find the changed place. So that it can save all of our times to do some other works. I really like all the functions of it. Among all of these functions, the most I like is that simply upload your files to OneDrive to edit them everywhere. Because it makes our works not like before. We can do our works freedom. I like this style of working.

I'm satisfied

I'm first time user and happy with the app that everything can be done on my mac. I use it several days for my job, I have no problems I able to save office documents in my onedrive. Thanks a lot!

Like this useful app.

I have used this app for a long time, I think this one will be my office tool in my office. The functions are beyond my thought. I enjoy using this app. Think you guys. I'm looking forward it's updating.

Great app for work.

I always use this app, and the app is helpful for me.The developer keeps pushing features out for this app making more and more useful. I like that it help you easier to create Microsoft office 365 documents in OneDrive. I can easy create Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. I can share your documents with my friends, and simply upload my files to OneDrive to edit them everywhere and so on. I think it's very helpful for me. This is so good for my work. It makes my job very easy. I has use it every day. I really love it, worth the download and time.

Great product for working.

Finally, I find this one to my office tool. And I recommend it to my boss, now we all use it as our office software. We use it, because it keep track all changes of online documents and automatic update on local. Easily share our documents with friends and colleagues. So if files updated, we can easily find, and we can timely changes. As a office worker, the functions of this app are powerful. I think some of these features have been enough for us. It's more powerful than I thought. I will continue to focus on and use of this APP. I hope that it will be better and better.

Pleasantly Surprised, got much more then expected!

I must say this is a great app for me.It has some great features like,create documents,Keep track all changes of online documents,and automatic update on local,share my documents and more.I can do anything in here!It does everything it says.I really like this app.It helps me more organized.What most surprised me is that I can edit my documents in Onedrive.I simply upload my files to OneDrive and edit them.And the app is helpful for me.The developer keeps pushing features out for this app making more and more useful.This app was a very good choice.I like that it help you easier to create Microsoft office 365 documents in OneDrive on your Mac. And it has many great features.I can easy create Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.share your documents with friends and colleagues.and so on.All in all,useful app for me.It makes my job very easy.I really love this app,it worth the money. Will continue to use.If the interactive experience of the app is more better, I will give it five stars.

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